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Solvita Collection is a Canadian jewelry line by designer Danielle Spitters.

Most jewelry in the collection is handmade in her Langley Studio, just outside of Vancouver BC.

Danielle first began making jewelry in 2006 after taking a lampwork class for fun. Turning beads into wearable jewelry brought on an interest in semi-precious stones. After successfully selling on Etsy under the name Contagious Creations Jewelry, in 2011 she decided to take a break from jewelry for a career in finance. Fast forward to 2022 and her love for jewelry has been reignited with the start of Solvita Collection.

Viewing jewelry as wearable art, each piece offers something different to complement your individual style. Extra attention to detail goes into everything and sourcing quality materials for lasting jewelry is very important.  Although some designs are recreated, many are one of a kind.

Danielle has been a local Fraser Valley- Vancouverite her entire life and her favourite place to travel is Puerto Vallarta. She has a sassy tuxedo cat named (Bossy) Bootsie. She's currently learning silversmithing and hopes to bring those pieces into her line soon.

Being an animal lover Danielle has been committed to giving to causes that matter, such as the SPCA and  The Wildlife Alliance in support of animal rescue and rehabilitation. These are amazing charities that need ongoing help, please check them out!

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