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Beaded Vesuvianite Gemstone Necklace shown on a white background

This Beaded Vesuvianite gemstone necklace features a unique combo of colours and stones. Sparkling faceted green Vesuvianite beads with gemmy Pink Tourmaline. Handmade evil eye and star charms with a gorgeous faceted Citrine stone.


  • Adjustable length 14.75" - 17.5
  • Gold-filled clasp and findings 
  • Natural semi-precious stones
  • Handmade in Vancouver


Vesuvianite is also known as the gem Idocrase. It was first discovered at Mount Vesuvius, in Italy where its name was born. Its healing properties are known to dissolve fear and anger, helping to align dreams with reality. Giving you the courage to walk your true path in life.


Mossy Dreams - Vesuvianite Gemstone Necklace

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