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Welcome to Solvita Collection, a small Canadian jewelry brand sparked in 2022 by a passion for crafting semi-precious stone jewelry.

More than just handmade treasures, Solvita Collection is a curation of celestial, spiritual, and nature-inspired pieces. Nestled in Langley BC, near Vancouver, many of our creations are crafted by hand.

The name "Solvita" is a nod to the founder's love for the sun—an emblem of our deep connection to nature and the cosmos. Our goal? To offer jewelry that resonates with your life's journey, celebrating the unique essence of who you are.

Every piece embodies our unwavering commitment to detail, sourcing top-notch materials for timeless beauty. We're dedicated to sustainability, using eco-friendly and reusable materials.

Discover our "Made in Studio" collection—a treasure trove of handcrafted pieces adorned with vibrant semi-precious gems. At Solvita Collection, we envision a harmonious collection where each piece complements the others. Our belief in layering encourages combining chains and gemstones for an entirely distinctive style.

Solvita Collection is committed to supporting animal rescue and rehabilitation by giving to amazing charities such as SPCA and The Wildlife Alliance. These charities need ongoing help, so please consider checking them out.

Danielle (Owner/Designer)

Our Story

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