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Welcome to Solvita Collection, a boutique Canadian jewelry brand born in 2022 from a passion for crafting semi-precious stone jewelry.

More than just handcrafted treasures, Solvita Collection is an expression of celestial, spiritual, and nature-inspired aesthetics. Nestled in Langley, near Vancouver BC, each piece in the Made in Studio Collection is meticulously crafted by hand.

"Solvita" embodies my affinity for the sun—a symbol of our deep connection to nature and the cosmos. My mission? To offer jewelry that resonates with your unique journey, celebrating your individual essence.

Each piece reflects my unwavering dedication to detail, as I personally select premium materials for timeless allure. Sustainability is at the core of my practice, with eco-conscious and reusable materials used throughout.

At Solvita Collection, I envision a cohesive collection where each piece harmonizes with the next. Embrace the art of layering beaded gemstone necklaces, with chains to craft a style uniquely yours.

Solvita Collection is commitment to supporting animal rescue and rehabilitation, as I contribute regularly to the SPCA. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of our furry friends.


Danielle (Owner/Designer)


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