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Taking the time to listen to her body a girl sips coffee in a chair in a relaxing empty room

With how hectic our lives can be, it can be hard to stay in tune with your body. We're forced to wake up early, kept up late with cleaning and chores, and overworked with the new culture of working from home which can spread into hours where it shouldn't be. The internet doesn't stop and with most businesses having someplace in the online world, it can seem there isn't an end to it all.

Time management is becoming more crucial, especially with the scrolling of social media grabbing up those extra minutes that could be allocated in a better way. We need to recognize whether our time spent is helping, or taking from us. That's why listening to your body is so important, but first, we need to quiet down a bit to hear it speak.

It's imperative to disconnect and it should be on the top of your list. Take an hour for yourself in the morning before you get ready. Time to wake up slowly, enjoy that cup of coffee or tea in a sunny spot while listening to a favorite podcast or writing in a gratitude journal will help to set your day off right. Those little moments of pleasure release endorphins in our brains which can help with healing and stress.

Stress impacts our cortisol levels, and as much as everyone around us can be preaching that hustle culture, it isn't best to be lacking in sleep, eating like shit and rushing around.

Taking the time to plan out healthy and fulfilling breakfast ideas can impact how the rest of the day will go. It will curb those last-minute cravings for fast food on the way to a meeting, or on the morning drive to work. Your body is a machine and for it to run best, a good quality diet is imperative.

Small decisions and organization can lead to more free time. It may feel like you're doing less, but you're giving yourself so much more. With your mind and body in a more relaxed state, you will be on your more authentic path and at your creative best.

Start tonight by taking a half hour before bed to lie on the floor and do some stretching. It will make you feel more relaxed and have a better sleep.

A girl doing yoga stretches in from of a window with greenery outside.
Take time to stretch and show appreciation to your body.

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