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Lunar Harmony Moonstone Necklace

This moonstone necklace has a classic look that would be great on its own, but also complements any gold chain you may already have. The stones offer semi-transparency, with blue flashing, adding that magical touch that Moonstone brings. 


  • Genuine Moonstone
  • Length 15.75"
  • Gold-filled findings
  • Made in Vancouver


Facts and healing properties of moonstone: 

Moonstone, named by German geologist A.G. Werner in 1780 for the shimmering effect during light diffraction, is recognized for fostering inner growth and strength, instilling calmness and balance, and enhancing intuition. Moonstone's shimmer, called adularescence, results from intergrown feldspar during gem formation.

Lunar Harmony Moonstone Necklace

C$225.00 Regular Price
C$157.50Sale Price
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