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Healing Properties of Rainbow Moonstone

Updated: Jan 22

It's hard not to be a fan of Rainbow Moonstone. With its blue flashes of adularescence, it has a very magical feeling to it.

Not only do people gravitate towards moonstone for its beauty, but also for its many metaphysical properties.

Rainbow Moonstone isn't a Moonstone after all.

Rainbow Moonstone is a feldspar stone and is a relative of Labradorite. Rainbow Moonstone was named by lapidary and mineral communities to describe the stone's blue flashes. The name "Rainbow Moonstone" is used in the industry as it's more appealing for the commercial market.

What are the healing properties of Rainbow Moonstone?

In terms of metaphysical properties, there are many healing properties of Rainbow Moonstone. It's a very relaxing stone with soothing outputting energies that help balance and harmonize the body's chakras allowing energy to flow freely.

Rainbow Moonstone is believed to bring mental clarity and calmness throughout the day. It helps to shield the body from negative auras and enhance intuition. Ancient cultures would hold a piece of moonstone in their mouths during a full moon as they believed it would enhance intuition and show them visions of the future.

One thing Rainbow Moonstone is most famously used for is to help with infertility. Many believe it helps balance the hormones and enhance reproductive health as well as gives protection for pregnant women and their unborn children.

Many Women use Rainbow Moonstone during their menstrual cycles as many believe it helps with cramping, irregular bleeding and mood swings.

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