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The Magic of Labradorite

Updated: Jan 5

Thinking about the magic of Labradorite and how it's one of the most eye catching gemstones. There is something really special about it. Not many gemstones have the reflective fire that Labradorite has, it's truly amazing. The flashy iridescence is created from light bouncing off inclusions of magnetite. The unique effect is known as Labradorescence and this is believed to provide the wearer with a protective shield around their aura.

Labradorite has been used by Inuit tribes for thousands of years. The official proclamation of discovery was said to be by Moravian missionaries in 1770, where it was found in Labrador Canada. It's known as the Frozen Fire of Aurora Borealis. It's believed that an Inuit warrior discovered a cave full of Labradorite, and upon seeing the Labradorescence inside the stones, believed it was the Aurora Borealis trapped inside. He then struck the large piece of stone with his spear, where it's said the flashing Labradorescence went up into the skies.

Many people use this special stone to dream deeper and more vividly. It's known to be the most powerful protective stone, and along with lucid dreaming it's said to help immensly with intuition.

Labradorite Necklace

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