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What is Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Demi-fine jewelry is becoming more and more popular and you might be hearing this phrase wondering what it means?

Demi-fine jewelry fills a specific gap in the market where the user gets years of use, without the higher price of solid gold. It is better quality than costume jewelry but not quite fine jewelry and features higher-quality materials than that of costume jewelry, usually made of sterling silver plated in gold, or high-quality brass plating such as gold fill.

With the price of gold having skyrocketed over the years the market of demi-fine jewelry has expanded. Many brands now offer these options and it's becoming quite popular.

The great thing about demi-fine is you can't tell the difference from looking at it, it blends perfectly with any fine jewerly pieces you wear. The lower price point allows it to be more flexible and fun to play with different trendier looks and switch up your style.

The price of a chunky gold necklace today might make you faint, but with demi-fine the same look is more attainable. There's longevity in wear and a much friendly price point.

What is the difference between vermeil and gold fill?

For vermeil jewelry sterling silver is always used as the base metal, the quality of gold must be at least 10K, and is usually 18K and should be 2.5 microns thick.

Due to its thicker layer, it's much longer lasting than gold-plated jewelry.

Gold-filled jewelry is made by bonding a thick layer of gold to the base metal (usually 5% or 1/20 of the total weight of the metal) using heat and pressure. The gold layer in gold-filled jewelry is significantly thicker than gold-plated, therefore is more durable than gold-plated jewelry and less likely to wear with proper care.

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